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What My Clients Are Saying

Kelly is a unique embodiment of the ultimate mother who always makes me feel safe, supported and surrendered when I am in her presence. She has supported me in my life through her friendship, her healing work and her words of wisdom. If you feel drawn to work with her, I recommend you follow your soul’s calling and take the leap!

Michael Hrostoski

The School for Men
Cardiff by the Sea, CA

Kelly brings unlimited possibilities for healing into each session. I always feel heard at every level with her listening skills. The most compassionate touch ever mixed with big wisdom! 

Kim Pinkley Phoenix, AZ

My session with Kelly was the most relaxing bodywork I’ve ever received from all of the modalities I’ve ever tried. Her integration of cranial unwinding and polarity was amazing to experience! I particularly enjoyed her use of sound therapy and vibration.

Laura Vargas, Phoenix, AZ

Kelly contributes her entire being to each session she provides. The end result during each session I’ve received was not only immediate physical relief, it was a tangible and emotional improvement that vastly contributed to the quality of my life.

Yarin Arnon Scottsdale, AZ

Kelly has the wisdom and healing hands of a motherly saint. Her years of experience assisting others –from childbirth to graceful transitioning-truly carries in her demeanor and loving gaze. You get the sense that you can tell her anything and that it will not be the first time she’s heard it. 
I highly recommend Kelly as a practitioner. Her therapeutic touch and unconditional love have been a gift to my body and soul. Like stepping back into the womb for an embrace.

-S. K. Tempe, AZ

Kelly’s healing technique is absolutely one of the best I have ever seen. She’s literally the only soul who has ever been able to ground me in any way, shape or form. During one of my sessions, I actually felt the electrical charge shoot from my ankle all the way up across my body to my hip on the opposite leg. I got up with no pain. TRULY AMAZING!

Steve B Phoenix, AZ

When I experienced the loss of my best friend from childhood, I truly didn’t know what to do. A co-worker suggested that I schedule with Kelly. I felt like I had tried everything and that maybe this was just what life was going to look like moving forward.  Kelly’s tender and life affirming grief/energy/body work truly brought me back. I can’t explain what happened but I definitely know that I shifted and that I’m forever grateful.

D.F  Sedona, AZ

If you doubt that some are gifted healers, please try a session with Kelly. Consider it therapy to cure your sick cynicism. She is absolutely amazing. I’ve cried during our sessions (in a very cleansing way)-more than once.

Rick S. San Francisco

Kelly has been a lifesaver for our son the last 2 yrs. He was placed on the autism spectrum at 2 yrs of age and we quite literally have seen the most dramatic changes in him since receiving sessions from Kelly! If I forget to schedule and there is too big of a space between sessions with her, we can ALL tell.. 

Angie V.  Tempe, AZ

There are three things that we want when we engage in healing sessions, because they touch the very fiber of your soul.
1. Personal Space to heal
2. A connection with your practitioner
3. A person with skills
With Kelly you receive all of it and more. Personal, caring and knowledgeable in her work. Incredible in style, and loving in her touch. From one practitioner to another, her work is highly recommended.

Rev. Rasheka Herr-ra Shenna
Health Care Practitioner, Washington D.C.

Kelly is an amazing practitioner. Her intuition and genuine touch is something I really needed. My mind, body and soul felt in complete balance after a couple of sessions. Her true love of her craft and your betterment is rare in the world.

Steve Arias Phoenix, AZ

Kelly is deeply intuitive and amazing to work with. She leaves you feeling seen and heard as well as having your body feeling completely in balance. 

Sally S. Phoenix, AZ

Kelly has magical listening skills. She tunes in to what needs to be nurtured and bolsters it. When I'm by her I feel safe comfort and and joyous optimism. She's a great help when facing major life transitions.
Gilad Shoham 

Polarity Instructor

Sde Nehemya, Israel

My kids and I have had the fortune of seeing Kelly for cranial sacral therapy. She is magic! Her energy is so calming, and it was incredibly relaxing to watch her interact with my boys, ages 4 and 8. They were both enthralled with her, and even the hesitant 4 year old could not wait for his next “massage.” They both slept incredibly soundly the night after their first appointment with her. She really makes a difference. We always look forward to our visits with her and I regularly recommend her to my lactation clients for care.

-Kerri Christie, IBCLC, RLC

Phoenix, AZ

Kelly is absolutely amazing. I am very grateful to have had her through a number of challenging moments of my life. From her healing practices to her astonishing wisdom, I’m not sure I’d be the same person today without her. These days it can be difficult to find someone who truly cares and puts real passion behind their practice. 
Kelly is simply the best. If you’re looking for a genuine healer/practitioner with real spirit, look no further.

Sean Fundiller


When I’m with Kelly, I am at home. Her hands are wise, strong, gentle, smart and kind.  Her guidance pushes to seek one’s truth and is immersed in encouragement. Anytime I have the opportunity to have a session with Kelly, I am able to shift into the utmost place of well-being. She is a true healer.

Heather Joy Magdelano

Phoenix, AZ

Kelly Watkins

Life Cycle Sessions

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