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Death Doula Services
3 two hour in-home visits $475 

*custom packages available, call for more information

As a Death Doula you can expect me to provide ongoing comfort and support to the person dying;  providing physical comfort – perhaps hand-holding, talking with them, reading to them, informing them of what is happening, and advocating for them when necessary. I always do my Cranial and Polarity session work with them and have found that it is amazing for allowing the client to find a softness and an easier way to open to the dying process. It also has been so beneficial for helping to dialogue about unfinished emotions and situations that they want to talk about and be at peace with. It's about providing comfort and supporting them to die in their own way.  Sometimes people want hand holding, and hair stroking at death; others want to talk; others to be read to; and sometimes to be sung to or just held. There are also times when I am there with seamless movement between family members and helping them to create a container for fear to lessen and love to be the biggest presence in the room.

Death can be a beautiful and deeply healing experience-I'm happy to talk to you and see if I can be of help.

Kelly Watkins

Life Cycle Sessions

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