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Supporting you through all of Life's Cycles.

CranialSacral, Polarity and Energy Practitioner

I've been with hundreds of souls, both at the time of birth and and at the end of life — and have been with many more during the in-between space.

My practice has included a broad range of clients from prenatal care, infants, children of all ages, the full adult spectrum as well as End-of-Life care.

I'm deeply devoted to meeting every client where they're at and assisting in them resourcing their system's innate healing intelligence.

I've completely treasured all of the chapters of my life, but my heart absolutely loves to assist people in creating an honest and healthy relationship with the finiteness of their own life cycle. For me this is key to living an aware and purpose-driven life. 

Death is as certain as birth, and it's my desire to work with people to create peace with that truth as well as a deep sense of power in relating to this important and valuable part of our cycle on the planet.

I was a Hospice nurse and Labor & Delivery nurse for over 17 years, and a became a Yoga Instructor in 2003. I went on to train as an LMT in 2011 and studied extensively under my Polarity/Cranialsacral Unwinding mentor Gary Strauss .  I've been a Practitioner for the last 7 years and absolutely consider it my life's work.

Alongside my daughter Taye, I have helped to open two successful Organic Cold Pressed juice companies, the most recent being for Fox Restaurant Concepts and Dr Andrew Weil. 

 Juby True in both Scottsdale AZ and Phoenix AZ and JuiceCore in Scottsdale.

I'm crazy about the powers of plant food and love to share my experiences and knowledge. 

In fact,  I've  done a TEDx talk about the incredible benefits of Cold Pressed Juicing. I've studied Holistic Nutrition extensively and have taught multiple workshops/classes and have had speaking engagements around the benefits of choosing a plant-based diet. I love sharing this information with all of my clients and believe intuitive nutrition is vital to a well functioning life.


My Integrative Cranial/Polarity practice is steeped in the work and life long studies of: Dr. Randolph Stone, Dr. John Upledger, Dr. William Sutherland, Hugh Milne, Andrew Taylor Still, Franklin Sills, Dr. John Beaulieu, John Chitty (Biodynamic/Upledger and many other influences). 

I feel so fortunate to have received my education from one of the most respected Holistic Colleges of its kind in the world, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  I consider my time there to have opened me up to an entirely different awareness of Health, Relationships and Life. 


I’ve held space for hundreds of clients and watched them move forward in some pretty magical ways.

I'd love to work with you too.

Kelly Watkins

Life Cycle Sessions

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